Mission Statement:

Our mission for Addiction Free Ministry, is to see countless people become set free from destructive lifestyles, to a life of purpose and meaning. Through the vehicle of media such as television, we interview guests who have had a life changing experience with Jesus, proclaiming He is the answer to the addiction epidemic.

Our Purpose:

Addiction Frees’ Ministry goal is to broaden our reach to hurting addicts by taking it to all the nations of the world via television, preaching & conferences. Not only does the individual suffer but marriages and children are affected by addiction. When an individual becomes transformed, families are restored. Hearts that once were broken become healed by our Lord
What is Addiction Free Min

Addiction Free's Ministry is using the tool of media such as television to reach the masses. Its CEO/President Kandi Rose takes her Traveling TV Show’s camera crew and equipment on the road to churches and Christian Recovery Centers.

Kandi Rose interviews Pastors and others in their church who have been set free from various addictions. We believe that visual testimonies of lives that have been transformed by Jesus are a significant way to encourage others that they too can have that new life in Christ.

Other ways we are reaching the lost and hurting is through  preaching at churches & conferences.

We have a full board of directors and are  a tax deductible non-profit ministry.

Our board of directors are:

CEO/President                            Kandi Rose
Vice President:                  Dr. Mike Mcfarland
Treasurer:                     Pastor Gary Jennings
Secretary:                          Barbara Ferguson

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